Emotional Intelligence And Social Work Practice Essay

Emotional Intelligence And Social Work Practice Essay

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Emotional Intelligence and Social Work Practice
Corrine Jones
Widener University

Emotional Intelligence and Social Work Practice


Morrison (2007) introduces Emotional Intelligence (EI) as “Being able to motivate one-self and persist in the face of frustration; to control impulse and delay gratification; to regulate one’s mouth and keep distress from swamping the ability to think; to empathize and to hope (as stated in Goleman, 1996). In relation to social work practice, EI stresses for social workers to have a working knowledge of emotions; where they derived from and healthy ways to express and manage them. The social worker not only needs to understand these things about their own emotions, they must also be able to identify them in their daily encounters with people and groups, personal and professional. The empathic social worker will be able to build and maintain proper relationships that is crucial to providing services. Subsequently, the emotional intelligent social worker will be able to address issues and decide intervention more efficiently.

Ingram (2013) explores the concept of

Personal EI critique

To gage my competency with EI I took the Emotional Intelligence test via http://testyourself.psychtest.com/testud/3038. This test had two parts; a self- report portion and an ability portion. The test assessed my ability to recognize the emotions of others and my own (“Emotional Intelligence Test”, n.d., Summary). My overall assessment results for the Emotional Intelligence Test was 119. According to the assessment, I am able to comprehend and respond to emotions. Although I have some understanding in emotional intelligence, the test highlighted areas in which improvements were n...

... middle of paper ...

...une with their own development in all the domains it encompassed. Like any skill, EI has to be practiced to build competency. This means agencies will need to
Both agree that despite the need f

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