Emotional Intelligence And Personal Intelligence Essay

Emotional Intelligence And Personal Intelligence Essay

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Emotional Intelligence differs from traditional conceptions of intelligence in that emotional intelligence allows us to reason with emotions and enhance our thinking and problem solving. Whereas intelligence is ones intellectual capacity and ability to process and sort through different information. Emotional intelligence involves accurately perceiving emotions in self and/or others, using emotions to assist thinking, understanding emotions and their meaning, and the managing of emotions. (Mayer, Caruso, & Salovey, 2000). Intelligence deals with more technical and analytical problem solving and reasoning rather than emotions.
I searched the internet and found an emotional intelligence test that consisted of 146 questions. My score on the test was 75; the results stated, “You are reasonably skilled when it comes to the core ability of identifying, perceiving and expressing emotions in yourself and others. However, there is still, room for growth. Overall, your skills in this area of emotional intelligence aid you in the process of reading others, understanding how they feel, and effectively identifying your own emotions. These skills form the basis of your ability to relate to the emotions of others as well as well as your ability to understand yourself,” (Queendom, 2015).
In my opinion, emotional intelligence can be learned, as long as an individual is able to recognize what he/she needs to do to improve his/her emotional intelligence. Learning new ways of dealing with emotions will then lead to better coping mechanisms in high stress and emotional instances and therefore can increase his/her emotional intelligence. For example, if someone is an overly emotional person and recognizes their high emotional state, with willingne...

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... to her work habits. Because he would not confront her in fear, that she would seek legal action. While the manager with high EI understood the challenges of a culturally diverse work environment. She was able to handle situations in a manner in which no one felt insulted, singled out, or discriminated against.
Having a high EI is important in not only leadership, but also our personal lives. Learning what areas we need to improve upon for development of higher EI, will lead to better problem solving while keeping emotions in check. Higher EI will help individuals to recognize the situation rather than acting on impulse, regardless of the situation. At times emotions may run high acting emotionally is not always the best answer, having a high EI will help in acting rationally during these times. Understanding this will lead to great leadership and social skills.

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