Emotional Intelligence And Its Effect On Employee Relations Essay

Emotional Intelligence And Its Effect On Employee Relations Essay

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As we have discussed in this course employee relations are a very important concept for organizations to pay attention to. As defined in the Dailey lectures employee relations is “The psychological contract between employee and manager” (Slide 2, Introduction to communication). This definition illustrates that there is an obligation from employers to their employees. The Dailey lecture also offered another definition of employee relations from Cambridge Dictionary, which defines employee relations as “the relationship between employees and managers in a company, especially whether the employees feel happy with their working condition and involved in making decisions” (Cambridge Dictionaries Online). Communication is a very important ingrained concept to employee relations. One concept that I am interested in is Emotional Intelligence and its effect on employee relations. In this paper I will discuss employee relations, emotional intelligence, and how emotional intelligence influences and relates to employee relations.
Employee relations require that managers be able to utilize communication skills. Employee relations traditional approaches are more successful then interpretive approaches. With the traditional approach to employee relations it is about discovering tactics that help support employees and encourage improved work performance. In regards to employee relations “one should support face, model productive conflict behavior, listen, facilitate employee voice, etc., to create a support communication environment for the employee” (Dailey, Organizational Communication, slide 9). Communication is an important basis for creating positive employee relations. Things such as face- saving, politeness, and mutual respect need to b...

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...h the people we are working with and living around every day, inevitably yesterday’s deposits will evaporate and simply will not satisfy today’s need” (Covey, 1999, p. 252). This quote illustrates the role emotions play in our lives and how they influence work environments. Emotional intelligence has been proven to be a predictor in success as an employee and effectiveness as a leader for managers. Emotional Intelligence and implementing it within the workplace will positively impact employee relations and this bottom line can increase profits for organizations. Organizations need to implement emotional intelligence training in development into its training programs. The benefits of having individuals with high emotional intelligence will bring organizations success with the industry as well as success within the organization by establish positive employee relations.

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