The Emotional Health Of College Freshmen Essay

The Emotional Health Of College Freshmen Essay

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The emotional health of college freshmen students reached a record high in an annual survey conducted by “The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010” (Lewin). The significant transition by young adults into college is accompanied with independence from their parents, the forming of new relationships and adjustments to a new environment and lifestyle (Fitch-Martin). While exciting, these swift changes, new roles, and responsibilities can add an immense amount of stress to the life of a student. Over the past few decades, there have been significant investigations and research on stress and managing stress (Murff). Data from largely respected surveys show that the high level of stress that college students are subject to can have damaging effects on the body and mind when not properly managed (Fitch-Martin). College students face a “unique” set of stressed-induced implications which cause adverse impacts on physiological and psychological health which in turn impede on a student’s well-being, academic success and responsibilities, and interpersonal relationships (Murff). Recognizing the importance of better management of stress can help to reduce these difficulties.
For the most part, stress is experienced by many people through the combination of busy lives and study and work demands. Everyone experiences periods of episodic stress such as preparing for a critical exam, getting ready for a big interview, or completing an important paper. But when stress is constant over a sustained period of time, it can increase certain physical and psychological health risks. As stated by S.H. Murff in the ABNF Journal, stress is a “nonspecific response of the body to any demands made upon it.” That is to say, as strains and situations are i...

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.... A certain level of stress is necessary and can improve performance, but too much stress negatively affects physiological and mental health over time. For most students stress is primarily the result of the adjustments to pressure and perceptions of a new environment, culture, work, responsibilities, and relationships that college life creates. In order to maintain a continual flow of professionals into the workforce, new strategies to empower college students to better manage stress are essential for students’ success (Murff). Programs and counseling that focus on addressing and identifying the causes of stress to alter internalized perceptions of “threats” can help students to better cope with stressful experiences. Consequently, if coping skills are effective in decreasing stress and feelings of anxiety students have a greater chance for academic success (Murff).

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