Essay about Emotional Effects Of Exercise For Students

Essay about Emotional Effects Of Exercise For Students

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When we were first given this assignment I had not put much consideration into it. I thought we were to ask a couple of questions, it would all work itself out and I would be done. But this was not the case. The thought and reflection put into interview questions really surprised me. There was far more factors other than the questions you were asking, because you were also dealing with people, people who are giving you there free time, their attention and opening themselves up to you a stranger, so there were far more responsibilities then what were initially at hand.
When I was first deciding my interview question I knew what topic I wanted to use, exercise, my problem was that I was thinking too specific of a question, because of my athletic background I was focused on questions only relatable to athletes such as performance anxiety, active rest versus total rest. I wanted a question more general to the public so I came up with the question, what are the Mental and emotional effects of exercise for Students, it was to the point, general and the majority could relate to. Before I learned we were only to interview one person my interview strategy was based on interviewing 5-10 people near the P.A.C, I had set up my questions to be quick concise and impersonal to optimise efficiency as my question could be seen a more quantitative than qualitative. After the group meetings and workshops my peers critiqued my questions telling me I did not have any questions for people who do not exercise, I revised my questions to include people who did not exercise. But I was still going to be targeting someone who did, to get more meaningful answers related to my objective.
The person I interviewed we will call her Jenna. I met Jenna the day befo...

... middle of paper ...

... if my questions were based on a qualitative point of view I could only imagine how much more detailed and in depth my answers could have been also if I was to do this a next time I would ask a more specific question now that I have learned the tools for properly interviewing a person.
I now know how to do an interview that is safe comfortable and provides me with meaningful information, I had fun with this interview I was respectful, appropriate and learned information that I was not expecting, this reflection also helped me to realise that an interview is more than an in the moment event, it needs to be thought out before you interview the person, acted on when you interview the person and reflected on and improved after you interview the person. We are dealing with people’s emotions and experiences and as such we have to act accordingly with respect and integrity.

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