The Emotional Burden Of A Disease Essay

The Emotional Burden Of A Disease Essay

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At the age of sixteen, I witnessed the emotional burden of a disease on a family when my father was diagnosed with diabetes. The impact of chronic diseases like diabetes and their complications on individuals and families is frustrating but thought provoking. I feel words are not enough to thank my father’s physician for keeping his diabetes under control, saving him and my family from the burden of its complications which, allowed my father to do his highly stressful job that he loves. The relief that comes from having a physician who can combine medical knowledge with compassion and empathy is great.
I entered medical school much like I approached my life: with an open mind. I thoroughly enjoyed my clinical rotations and felt that every specialty has challenging and interesting aspects. I derived maximum pleasure from interacting with patients from different backgrounds and establishing honest and sincere rapport with them. I believe my ability to listen to others and treat their feelings with respect and concern allowed me to build these relationships. My interest in Family Medicine grew when I worked at primary care and rural health centers during my compulsory rotator internship in India. There, I continued to see the effects of poverty and disease on children and pregnant women and their overwhelming suffering was life changing. One can appreciate the importance of learning from different specialties in medical school while, working in rural areas which have no access to specialty care. In rural health centers I, performed pediatric and adult care, delivered babies, assisted in minor procedures, counseled patients, participated in immunization camps and educated patients about hygiene and prevention. I realized the importanc...

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...ect about “Impact of school start times on the health and academic performance of high school students”. I enjoy the discipline and responsibility which research requires, and I hope to incorporate it into my career.
I want to be a source of reassurance and comfort for my patients and to be able to provide them the medical means to enjoy a better quality of life. I believe in my capabilities of hard work, dedication and learning from experiences. I am confident that my experiences in different clinical settings will help me to excel during the residency. I enjoy working as a part of a team and striving to create a cordial and happy working atmosphere. I look forward with enthusiasm to be a resident and the opportunity to focus my energies on learning and contributing to Family Medicine and Psychiatry. I sincerely thank you for your time in considering my application.

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