Emotional And Psychological Abuse : A Young Age Affects How Yunior Interacts With Women

Emotional And Psychological Abuse : A Young Age Affects How Yunior Interacts With Women

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Abuse and neglect at a young age affects how Yunior interacts with women. For example, In the early years of Yunior 's life his mother sends him and his brother rafa away to his uncle’s ranch. This absence of his mother for a month caused Yunior to experience a man inappropriately touching him on a bus heading towards his uncle’s ranch. According to the case study Identifying Emotional and Psychological Abuse : A Guide for Childcare Professionals by Kieren O’ Hagan, Children who experience some type of abuse between the age of 5 - 12 go through emotions that shape how they perceive their parent and how they receive love or lack of. So if Yunior’s mother was absent during the time on the bus, that will shape how Yunior carries himself by having less trust in the females in his life. Whether it be his mother or future girl friends. This abuse mold him to think this way. That is also why Yunior and his girlfriend Aurora had a horrible relationship.“It would have broken my heart if it hadn 't been so damn familiar. I guess I 'd gotten numb to that sort of thing. I had heart-leather like walruses got blubber (Diaz, 44).” With in this quote we see that he uses his father as a reference on how to treat women and a how a relationship should be. If his father and mother had a rough relationship, he feels that the only type of relationship that would suit him is an violent one, just like his father. “A week from then she would be asking me again, begging actually, telling me all the good things we’d do and after a while I hit her and made the blood come out of her ear like a worm but right then, in that apartment, we seemed like we were normal folks. Like maybe everything was fine(Diaz, 37).” This quote shows the type of relation ship he ...

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...ive debriefing of why holding on to the past could afffect their present and future goals (Junetunen, 187).” Even as a grown man this abuse still affect him. In conclusion, we know the emotional and physical stress that one has to expirence when dealing with abuse at an early age. We as a society need to collectively grow from this information and push forth to end this practice of abuse. Through Yunior 's eyes, especilly in his particular devolpement went though many hardships. These harships including the emotional toll become the metaphorical water the title suggest he is “drowning” in. This changes Yunior character to cause to find hopeless relationship after another. We as a society must learn from his mistakes and care for those who have had expierneced being abused. We can do this by being aware and educating ourselves on the matter. We can make a differnce.

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