Emotional And Physical Challenges Of Being A Doctor Working Essays

Emotional And Physical Challenges Of Being A Doctor Working Essays

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When I look back at my life to reach for the moments that define me, I see the look of pride on my mother’s face when I inform her of a new achievement, I smell the freshly cut grass before a major football game, and I hear the sound of my name being read off my pharmacy name tag. But it was not until I read the lines of perplexity and distress on an Alzheimer’s patient’s brow as he grasped for the name of his year-old grandchild, that I was shook with the realization that I had been taking even the smallest of my memories and experiences for granted. That humbling term at my local memory care facility became yet another defining experience for me. It powered my passion for medicine and neurology, as well as my commitment to dedicating my life to helping patients and their families.

Over the course of the last two months, I have been exposed to both the emotional and physical challenges of being a doctor working in the primary care cycle by shadowing a GP at a local clinic in Oakville. I have learned the necessity of professionalism in practice but also the importance of compassion...

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