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Emotional And Emotional Behavioral Disorders Essays

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Adolescent stage can be a beautiful stage in life. It can also be a very difficult time in a teenager’s life. Some children experience wonderful moments with their family and friends. Others have a difficult time with social and emotional problems. These problems can lead the child to maladaptive behaviors such as drug use. American high-school aged youth show a higher level of illicit drug use than those of any other industrialized nation (Newman, Newman 2015). To help children that are suffering from drug use we need to understand what social/emotional behaviors they are experiencing, what leads them to drug use, and how we can as counselors help these children. A lot of research is needed in this area to help these children.
Social/emotional behavioral problems may also be recognized as emotional behavioral disorders. Emotional behavioral disorders can be identified by looking at three factors in the child as identified in the Emotional and Behavioral Problem: A handbook for understanding and handling students book. Identifying these factors can determine how disturbed the child is. First factor is intensity, the severity of the child’s problem. It also helps determine how it is affecting the child’s and society’s goals. Second factor, pattern, refers to the time when the problems occur. This will help identify if the child has a specific trigger. Third factor, duration, how long has the child’s problem been present (Zionts, Zionts, Simpon, 2002). If a child is labeled with an emotional behavioral disorder it does not meant that the child will experiment with drug use. There other triggers either emotional or environmental that can lead to the adolescent to use drugs.
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...ch refers to personal identification with the goals of treatment and commitment to those goals (Rosenkranz et al., 2012). As found in these studies, motivation is key to a successful recovery. The student has to have that internal drive for change to be able to break out of their substance use.
Once the student has found the desire for change appropriate intervention should be established. Special treatment interventions should be in place for an adolescent that suffers from social and emotional disturbances as a co-morbidity with substance use. During treatment, whether it be an in-patient or out-patient treatment intervention, special skill should be taught to the adolescent regardless of the substance of choice. The intervention should include comprehensive individual and social skills educational program. Life skills should be taught to the adolescent.

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