Emotion - Original Writing Essay

Emotion - Original Writing Essay

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The phrase, “I’m sick, rushed out before he could change his mind. Even as he was beginning to re-think this visit, he couldn’t stop the dam of emotion. He’d been gone so long what did it mattered if he tried to be involved in their lives now. What difference would it make?
No one said a word. The kids could only stare, startled at their father.
“Do you need lemon tea, that’s what mom makes us drink when we’re sick,” said Ashley
“No it’s not that kind of sick guys, I don’t think your mom’s lemon tea would help, but thank you dear.” Stephen said. His heart clenched a little at how sweet his youngest daughter was. For a moment his eyes burned as he held back tears. He had missed so much in her, in all of their lives.
The moment would be frozen forever in their minds. Erik felt his heart stutter. Louise was suddenly very awake, and Ashley felt her hands begin to shake softly against her legs.
“The doctors don’t know what’s wrong exactly, but my body is not working the way it is supposed to. I’m going for more tests in a month.”
Stephen turned to look at his kids, but quickly looked away. He took a deep breath, unsure of what to say next. He didn’t seem to be very good at that this weekend. Talking to your kids should be easy.
The siblings watched their father. He wasn’t looking at them, but out over the cliff, his body visibly shook, though he wasn’t crying.
Ashley sprung up and wrapped her arms around him. Tears gathering in her own eyes. She looked to Erik and Louise for help. Louise crawled over and sat next to their father. Unsure of what to do, she could only stared at their dad. Her hand moved to touch his shoulder, but she hesitated and pulled it back. This wasn’t as simple as she thought it was going to be. A weekend ...

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...’re not going to be a family just because you have some last wish to fulfill.”
“I don’t know if I expect anything from you guys. I just want a chance.”
“Talk to Ashley, if you want forgiveness, maybe Louise, but I’m going to need more than your explanations and apologies.”
Erik turned on his heel and went upstairs to find his sisters. They had a lot to discuss. His footsteps echoed in Stephens ears.
He had told his son the truth. He wasn’t sure what he expected from them. All he knew was that he was going to try and convince them of is good intentions. He wanted to be there for however long he had left. It was selfish he knew to try and carve a place for himself in their lives as he himself was fading. Even if he lived through whatever was wrong with him. He knew he had no right, but he could no longer wait for courage to build. He would settle for selfishness.

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