Emotion Of An Infant Is Not From Their Experience Essay

Emotion Of An Infant Is Not From Their Experience Essay

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All of us have emotion since we were born. Although the emotion of an infant is not from their experience, but an involuntary neurological activity, they still can sense the things around them, such as identifying who is more comfortable to stay with (Dr. Cole, n.d., as cited in Finello, 2015). Emotion had always been defined as a complicated state of feeling which can affect our thoughts and behaviour after resulting in physical and psychological changes (Myers, 2004, as cited in Cherry, 2015). It is also related to many kind of psychological phenomena, for example, characteristic, mood, and intention on something. Emotions can actually control our thoughts and behaviour; it is because emotions function in all parts of our body, which will affect us and people around us. Therefore, this self-reflection journal is about my experiences that I had been through with different kinds of emotions. I will be sharing my experiences while reflecting on my emotion. Sometimes, it is quite hard to identify which emotion I am having in different situation as maybe I was fully controlled by the emotion and did not recognize it. I always wanted to be an emotional intelligent person where I can perceive, reason, understand, and manage my own emotion whenever I want (Cherry, 2015). However, monitoring owns emotions, and others’ feelings and emotions is not an easy thing to do.
So, I am going to structure my journal by dividing them according to each of the month on what I had experienced. I will share three months of experiences and stories that I had been through in the past. Besides, I will also include the cause of certain emotions that I have experienced, what I had done in that situation, and how I overcome or manage my emotion ...

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...rst before I react to that certain situation. For example, I felt very sad when I heard the bad news about my tuition teacher passed away, and then I started to cry. Consequently, I explored that no matter what emotion we are experiencing, it can easily control our behaviour. So we need to be an emotionally intelligent person (Cherry, 2015). We need to understand more about emotions and also the nonverbal signal such as body language and facial expression (Cherry). Besides this, we also need to endorse thinking activity because having an emotion shows what we are focus at and react to. Then, we need to observe other people’s emotions in order to widen our knowledge as different people have different kind of way to express their emotions (Cherry). Lastly, we should learn how to manage our emotion, so that it can lead us to success without showing our emotions easily.

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