Emotion And Sympathy For Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

Emotion And Sympathy For Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

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Moments of 'Emotional outpouring ' (cathartic moments) are crucial to both tragedies because they communicate to an audience 's feelings of emotion and of sympathy for Shakespeare 's character. The become an Humanizing moments, when the protagonist is not seen as emotional but rather just a flaw that is moving the on until that cathartic moment.
Initially, King Lear appears to be a strong ruler, a monarch who has decided to divide kingdom. This is crucial because this would make the audience perceive him to be a selfless king. However, his loss of control when Cordelia refuses to proclaim that her love for her father is greater than that of her future husband like her other sisters make the audience change their perspective of king Lear and see him as a foolish old king.
Act 1 Scene 4 is a roller-coaster of emotion for the audience. This is because the audience get to see how erratically King Lear deals with problems. This scene shows that Lear is helpless and at the mercy of Goneril and her stewards and the once omnipotent strong ruler has no way of dealing with the situation effectively than to respond in anger. This can be seen when he cursed his own daughter, Goneril, with infertility in the line "….... To make this creature fruitful. Into her womb convey sterility, Dry up in her the organs of increase,….."
This is crucial because King Lear 's anger and his lack of self- determination has blinded him to the point that his anger has set down Generational curse on his family. Shakespeare 's choice of word is crucial because it stands out to the audience and it has a lasting effect on the audience. The word 'sterility ' brings an horrific imagery to the mind of the audience.
King Lear 's tone in this scene is very importa...

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...stotle 's model of a tragic hero because he was very angry right at the beginning of the play and he was also having a cathartic moment right at the beginning of the play. Shakespeare 's use of language throughout both play is very crucial, this is because words are used to help drive the central action of the plot of the play. They are also crucial because it sets the sense of reality for the audience that are watching the play and also for the reader.
Shakespeare also uses language to create a big impact on the audience and to create confusion. His use of language in King Lear to create a roller coaster of pity for Lear is power because it involved the audience and make them understand the protagonist better. In hamlet, he uses language to create a sense of madness. This cause confusion to the audience because even though they know that Hamlet is not actually mad,

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