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Emily : An Angry Man Essay example

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Her father was a very angry man, an angry man with a drinking problem. Her mother was struggling to get on her feet after she’d left home. At the young age of 19 she was the new mom of a baby girl. The baby girl soon became the focus of her parent’s whole world. They loved her unconditionally, but they also had a problem. There was no doubt that her parents loved her, but they seemed to love alcohol just as much.
The girl’s name was Emily. Emily spent most of her time at her mother’s parent’s house, this was to keep her safe from the mental, physical, and emotional abuse that was happening in her family’s small apartment. By the time Emily was three she practically lived with her grandparent’s, she dreaded going home. When her mother would come to pick her up she would run to the very last bedroom down the hall, which was hers, and hide in the closet. Every time she was forced to go home, it was a battle, kicking, screaming, and crying just so she could stay in a place where she felt safe. It isn’t that she didn’t love her parents; she just hated when they fought, especially when they were drinking.
A lot of her childhood is a blur, how can you expect someone to remember every detail about their childhood. Of course Emily remembers the good parts of her childhood, like when she would go to the pumpkin patch in the fall with her grandparents, go sledding almost every afternoon in the winter with her neighbor, and the summers were absolutely full of adventures. Emily can really only remember back to when she was about five.
Her parents started to argue a lot more. Most of the arguing occurred after she was asleep, which meant that they were probably drinking. She could hear the yelling from her bedroom which would eventually w...

... middle of paper ...

...nd their mother finally got out, sadly their father still didn’t get the message.
Even to this day, Emily’s father struggles with his drinking problem, it has almost killed him multiple times. Maybe, if Emily’s father’s parents would have taken an interest in his problem sooner a lot of this could have been avoided. Maybe if the children were taken out of the home immediately they could’ve avoided this traumatic experience. Maybe if Emily’s parent’s friends would’ve done something, her mother wouldn’t be so sad like she is today. Maybe if the people who saw what was happening would’ve taken action. Emily used to hate her father for putting her through something like that, and for putting her mother through it. She also blamed her mother for staying, but eventually she was okay. She knew that her parents loved her, but it seemed like they loved alcohol just as much.

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