Emile Durkheim's The Division of Labour in Society Essay

Emile Durkheim's The Division of Labour in Society Essay

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Outline and discuss Durkheim’s ‘The Division of Labour in Society’
Frequently referred to as “the father of sociology”, Emile Durkheim was one of the most influential and high-ranking individuals in contemporary social thought. His work has stimulated great levels of achievement for many years amongst sociologists in terms of studying civil societies, cultural analysis and the sociology of the emotions (Emirbayer and Cohen 2003:1). Durkheim’s perspectives cover a broad range of other issues as well, from social structure to the individual and collective agency, from the state and political public sphere of economic life, and from sociological methodology to moral criticism. The implication of Durkheim’s impact to the sociology of modernity has perhaps never been completely valued throughout the scholarly world as it is today (Emirbayer 2003: 1). The Division of Labour in Society was Emile Durkheim’s first key academic work, a crucial addition to contemporary sociology (Merton 1934: 328) and has been called sociology’s first classic (Tiryakian 1994). His account has been declared to be the forerunner of modern eco-system theory and key arguments of his study have been readopted in that academic tradition (Schnore 1958). As part of his doctoral requirement, it was penned during the 1880s and was subsequently published as a complete work in 1893 while Durkheim was in Bordeaux. The Division of Labour is the first and most notable study that established an approach of thinking about society, which was entirely current and has respectively vital aims.
Firstly, Durkheim desired to make analyses into the nature of the links associating the individual to society and the social bonds which associates individuals to each other. In addition,...

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