Emigration From Iran Since 1950 Essay

Emigration From Iran Since 1950 Essay

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Emigration from Iran since 1950 can be organized into three major waves that correspond to the socioeconomic status and motivations of the émigrés, including both forced and voluntary departures (Hakimzadeh). Although these waves imbricate each other, they provide a structure for gestating the global Iranian diaspora (Hakimzadeh). The first significant phase of emigration from Iran began in 1950 and lasted until the Islamic Revolution of 1979, as a result of Iran’s slow economic recovery and resumption of oil production after World War II. The United States had a symbiotic relationship with Iran ever since the late nineteenth century. The confrontation developed further during the WWII era and the involvement of the CIA in the coup d’état of 1953.
Between 1945-79, the “U.S.-Iranian relationship was in some ways similar to the U.S.-Saudi relationship, where the U.S. dealt with one ruling family” (Bakhash). The United States has always had an interest in Iran because of its prosperous location in the Persian Gulf and its vast resources of oil” (Bakhash). However, the collegial relationship between the countries did not last long.

During the fall of the Shah and the rise of the Clergy, the mutual partnership between Iran and the U.S. came to a finish. After the revolution, not only did many students opt to remain in the West, but many of their relatives joined them (Bakhash). Also included in this first period were families closely associated with the monarchy as members of the government and military personnel (Hakimzadeh). These royalists fled during the early stages of the revolution, often with significant assets in hand, thereby reducing Iran’s wealth (Hakimzadeh).

A second phase of emigration took place after the revolutio...

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...e committee that if Iran complied with human rights laws, “many of the issues the international community has with its rights record would disappear” (Besheer).

The Iranian story is tragic because its rich history and culture is being tainted by corruption. However, with every tragedy there is opportunity. The lack of human rights and opportunities in Iran affects the desire for Iranians to leave. This vast emigration also impacts the socio-economic status of the once prosperous nation. With more and more people leaving Iran, the “empire” is collapsing. Given that the current Iranian regime has been so hostile to the country’s history, it is the Iranian people who must fill the void and create understanding. If there is a way for Iran to escape this “deep hole,” it would be through reform. It would be by allowing the various governmental leaders to lead the country

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