EMF Radiation: Serious Health Hazard for People Essay

EMF Radiation: Serious Health Hazard for People Essay

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Technology changes everything in this world. Our life has become more convenient and more efficiency which benefits by these new technology. But during this time, some people have considered about some risks of these technologies. EMF radiation is one of them. People have argued for a long time that whether EMF radiation really poses health hazard or not. I insist that EMF radiation is harmful for people’s health and particularly to young children. This opinion can be well proved by all the information I have searched and more people should know about this.

First, it’s important to know what EMF radiation is. The full name of EMF is Electromagnetic fields. It’s a kind of area that we may be involved into every time we watching TV, using cell phone, turning on a light switch or using an electric appliance. EMF is a generic term of force generated by magnetic fields or electrical charges. Sometimes, EMF can be considered as a kind of radiation when release energy. When we use some electric appliances, the electromagnetic waves of these appliances will change periodically and produce enough energy to cause ionization. As we all known, ionization can dislodge orbiting electrons from atoms or break bonds which hold molecules together and then producing ions or charged particles. During this process, the production of ions or ionization in our tissues may cause direct damage to cells and cause other health risks. So EMF radiation is also called ionizing radiation. (DCMNR, 2005) This conception maybe a little bit confusing, but it’s easy to find out that EMF really produces some extra electrons or magnetic field which we have never seen before. So scientists began to do some experiments to figure out that whether EMF has health hazar...

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... kind of radiation does mobile phone product. The World Health Organization (WHO) definite the EMF radiation standard as a kind of limitation from electronic devices or of human exposure time from all kind of devices. (WHO, 2006) The exposure standard is basic standard of personal protection in maximum levels. So the EMF can be variety and uncertain. No matter the opponents aware or not, just provide for a rainy day.

Technology is a double-edged sword. It can provide us convenient while it may affect our health at the same time. Fortunately, some kind of technology such like EMF radiation has been proved to be harmful and people can prevent it from now on. From my study I am sure that EMF radiation can poses a health hazard for people especially for children and teenagers. All people who really care about their health and their children should know this fact.

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