Essay about The Emerging Practices For School Counselors

Essay about The Emerging Practices For School Counselors

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1) Name one of the ten emerging practices for school counselors and give an example of how you would implement it into your school.
One of the emerging practices for school counselors is advocating for students with special needs. When implementing this in my school I would first make sure that I was knowledgeable about working with children with special needs. To best advocate for students I need to be aware of tools that are available to help students with special needs such as 504 plans and IEPS. I would also make sure that I educated myself on laws and policies pertaining to students with special needs. I could use professional development for this and also spending my own time researching and educating myself. Another way that I would do this would be to become involved in teams that directly advocate for and work with students with special needs. Being involved with the RTI team and Icare team would be a great way to do this. The more involved you are and the more you know about an individuals specific needs the better prepared you will be to advocate for them in their best interest.

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2) Explain a data collection method and give an example of how you will implement it as a school counselor.
One method used to collect data would be to conduct observations. If you were have concerns about an individual student it may be necessary to observe this student while at school to collect data. If a teacher had concerns about a student that they did not feel was receiving proper services it could be necessary and get into the classroom and observe that student in the natural environment. You could do behavior observations or also use tally marks to observe on task and of t...

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...ts about bullying and how to deal with bullying whether they are the victim, the bully, or a bystander. These are all components of student advocacy that I believe are important. I believe that it would also be important to spend time educating teachers and administrators about bully prevention and intervention. If teachers or administrators witness bullying they need to know how to properly intervene to keep students safe. It would also be important for teachers to learn how to recognize signs of bullying and be proactive in helping students rather than reactive. Lastly, I believe that it would find it important to reach out to parents and connect with them about bullying. I would provide them with information about bullying and also let them know that I am available as a resource if they have questions or concerns about their child pertaining to bullying.

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