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Emerging Artists
The American concert attending population has more power now then any other generation before them. Technology has put little unknown bands on the fast track to be headliners at intimate rock shows across our fair nation. First amendment rights enjoyed by all Americans allow musicians power to be themselves lyrically and live in concert. Major labels can shelve enormously talented bands to promote mainstream marketable groups because those executives see bottom lines and are not employed nor required to reach the bottom of a listener’s heart. Granted you have to spend money to make money, but there are few bands out there that let their experiences stand alone on the scene. Mainstream music either swallows one hit wonders or let the few musically endowed bands to flow through the airwaves album after album.
A close knit band can keep their head above water in mainstream music when they know their band mates next to them have their back same way they did when they first started as a group. Artistic ingenuity is imperative for distinguishing the posers from the pioneers. Children often feel like they have to live up to their parents’ expectations and bands wanting to live up to the label’s expectations are in similar situations. Every artist who wants their craft to be experienced by others hope to have a shot at airing a single live on television in video format. Collaborating with a pictorial persuasive video director is essential if you want video music programmers to justify and air your new videos.
The first single Guns N’ Roses [GNR or GN’R] released was “Welcome to Jungle.” The video was not instantly welcomed by the MTV network, but eventually they found their manners by airing a clip from the ...

... middle of paper ...

...oking glasses all together. Touring musicians connect with their listeners on a regular basis by putting on spectacular live acts. Regardless if you are an unsigned band or an emerging band on a successful label you have to decide how much conformity you are comfortable with. Videos like “Closer” are timeless and will always reflect the imagery of a dynamic band such as Nine Inch Nails naturally engineers. Industrial groups are not easy to market, but Nine Inch Nails is a testament that no matter if an album is independently released or has major label support platinum potential is possible. The best survival tool in the music industry is to be able to rely on well-written lyrics or a strong songwriting team to turn to. Whatever labels you decide to wear or sign to, make sure the game you are playing is a strategy that will help you accomplish your artistic dreams.

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