Emerging Adulthood : Young Adults Essay

Emerging Adulthood : Young Adults Essay

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Emerging Adulthood represents the period of development from late teens through their twenties, mainly focusing on the ages 18-25. This is the period which people start exploring and realizing the capabilities of their lives, which then helps them characterize as adults and no longer teenagers. This topic of psychology is compelling to me because it’s a stage that every adult has lived through, it’s interesting that we have all experienced it differently based on our life circumstances and demographics. It’s interesting to see the changes throughout the years and eventually it will be easier for young people to explore these years as more young adults are going to school nowadays. It teaches me to further understand why emerging adults go through distinct stages in life through a different perspective aside from living it firsthand. It was not an easy stage for me personally as I was obligated to become a young adult early in life although I knew I was still adolescence at heart. As we learn based on the background of evidence many young adults feel as though they are adults in some ways and are still adolescence in others.
In this paper I will discuss how emerging adulthood is different from adolescence and why young adulthood is an unacceptable term for those that are no longer adolescence. I will provide a summary of cultural background specifying that emerging adulthood exist mainly in cultures that allow young people to have a period of independence to explore during their late teenage years and twenties, and only in industrialized countries.
Young people living in industrialized countries now and for the past half century have been utilizing and prolonging their late teens and early twenties to explore different life direc...

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...ances are that more young people can go to school and move in to a dorm and have a semi independent lifestyle until they reach adulthood. This can benefit our future generations to come and potentially increase the life expectancy and become achievable adults that live a longer and prosperous life. This will be a new evolution for the young people now and the young people to come, this means more educated people, which call change the way our jobs, economy, and development of our countries can be. More young people will explore their horizons and develop to be the best they can be instead of being forced to work a full time low paying job and hit a dead end. Perhaps one day the new generations of emerging adults someday will discussing how our generation experience emerging adulthood, it might be completely different oppose to our times, with new psychology studies.

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