The Emergency Operations Plan For California Essay

The Emergency Operations Plan For California Essay

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Evidence of an all hazard approach.
California is known for its oceans, mountains, and agriculture. The state is known for being able to play in the ocean in the morning and by late afternoon one could be snow skiing in the mountains. California is known for its great beauty and promise, but with a landscape checkered with earthquake faults, flood plains, and dense wilderness. The state as also known for nature’s wrath. In the wake of the 1991 East Bay Hills Fire California adopted the Strategized Emergency Management System (SEMS). Today SEMS is used at the local and state level to manage emergencies.
Since 199,1 there have been many changes to emergency management within California. Currently, the emergency operations plan (EOP) for California is being updated. Because of California diversity, the EOP takes an all hazard approach. California EOP includes, earthquake, flood, fire, volcanic eruption, landslide, dam, and levee failure, severe weather tsunami, hazardous material, emergency energy disruption, food and agriculture emergency, civil unrest, pandemic and epidemic, terrorist attack, and cyber-attack (California EOP 2016).
For the area that I live and work in, based on what California EOP has stated, an earthquake is the most dangerous because of the close proximity to the San Andres fault. We are also vulnerable to flooding, wildfires, terrorist attacks and severe weather (heat wave). Although the EOP does not go into specific detail of the locations of these threats, it does give a generation, an example of the threat is “Approximately 37 million acres within California are at risk from wildfire, with 17 million acres at high risk. A total of 7.8 million acres of California is developed with housing unit, densiti...

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...dictions under the California Disaster and Civil Defense Master Mutual Aid Agreement” (California EOP 2016). I was part of EMMA for an incident up in Northern California.
This system does need to be drastically worked on. For several days the CALOES kept on calling our OA to see if we had people to send up to a large incident. I was finally confirmed to go to this incident and was canceled six hours into my ten-hour drive. CALOES informed me that a mistake was made and I should never have been assigned because they had enough resources. I inquired if they needed me to fill any other positions and they said no. When I finally arrived at home, not more than twenty minutes later, CALOES, called me. They asked if was available for a different position for that incident. In this case, I was not and all other were released within a day of the phone call.

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