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Emergency kits for life 101
College or not College that is the question.
Many articles have been written on the subject, and there are many opinions on the subject. Does a college degree truly prepare a student for the workforce?
An argument against education as it is now, Jeffery James a Linked in blogger chimes in on the subject, stating colleges are not preparing students for the workforce and what that means for recruiters. James relies on the McKinsey study, that states only one out of four employers believes that traditional universities are “doing an adequate job of preparing graduates for the workplace. People graduating from college are struggling to find work. Not having the training or skill required to perform some of the jobs they look over by potential employers as a risk, it is easier to hire someone that has experience and would require less training than to hire someone with no experience an education and would require additional training. In favor of college, the wall college atlas, talks about the earning potential from a college graduate’s higher earning potential. According to the United States Census Bureau, individuals achieve the following degree levels earned the following median annual salaries: PhD’s $100.000 or more: master’s, $63,000; bachelor’s $55,700; associate’s $42,000; high school diploma, $32,000. Even students that only finished some college had a higher earning potential than those that never complete college. There are jobs that will not even look at an application that does not have specific qualifications, which are required degrees in different levels. In opposition of college, in this PBS report the data chart shows college students from two-year degrees ...

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... with the ability to attend college. She wished more of her clients would have taken it seriously, believing it would have improved their quality of life and their mentality towards working and providing for their families. Quesada states, the ones that had the drive and took their college experience seriously were able to improve their lives substantially not only on the bases of academics but also in general social communication, and critical thinking. In the time her clients would spend in college she would see a dramatic change in their behavior towards many different facets of life. Quezada says, could tell the difference between the ones that were actually participating and doing well in school because their mind sets were changing as they developed. The ones that were not really interested in college however stayed the same with the same mentality.

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