Emergency Communication Systems For Emergency Situations Essay

Emergency Communication Systems For Emergency Situations Essay

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Emergency response personnel respond to various incidents by communicating in real time to establish command and control at emergency scenes. However, national assessments and after-action reports show communication deficiencies regarding routine incidents management as well as support responses to acts of terrorism and natural disasters. Therefore, emergency management communication is crucial in ensuring acceleration and attainment of interoperable emergency communications in the event of natural or man-made disasters.
Components of Multi-Agency Interoperability for Emergency Management
The components of multi-agency interoperability include governance, standard operating procedures, technology, training and exercises, and usage. Governance involves the groups of agencies and jurisdictions who coordinate the decision-making process. It involves a structure for solving interoperability issues to boost procedures, processes, and policies of key projects through cooperation, coordination, and communication.
Technology involves the communication systems as defined by the local requirements that allow agencies to connect whenever it is necessary. The technologies include interconnections through common interface standards. Standard operating procedures, on the other hand, are the formal written guidelines for response to incidents. They are used by emergency responders for the coordination of incident responses across jurisdictions.
Training and exercise programs are crucial in ensuring that responders can effectively communicate during emergencies. Training ensures that interoperability mechanisms are routinely used and when combined with exercise programs, agencies can arrive at workable interoperability solutions. Usage describes ...

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...ssesses the communication capabilities using the percent of communications sent and received that are comprehendible without ambiguities or at 90 percent ambiguity by the receiver or the sender. They also check for frequency of communication back-up during emergencies in the case of communications failures or overloads.
Incident action plans are also checked to ensure continued service in the face of incidents. As such, officials are notified when incidents occur through relevant technologies and tools. The system also performance measures using time upon which immediate dispatch information is availed to first responders during regular operations. Therefore, effective communications capabilities should act within 60 seconds of dispatch. Moreover, within 30 seconds, first responders should acknowledge receipt as well as total comprehension of radio communications.

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