Essay about Emergency C Section Is The Best Option

Essay about Emergency C Section Is The Best Option

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If you are expecting a baby, then you may, at this time, plan to deliver traditionally. However, your doctors are responsible for telling you when a C-section is the best option. Your OBGYN is responsible for telling you in advance that you need to have a cesarean section due to certain criteria you or your baby(s) meet. The doctor in the delivery room should also call for an emergency c-section when things take an unexpected turn when attempting to deliver vaginally. It is very important to know when to make these calls, because c-sections can help avoid disastrous birth injuries, many impacting your child for the rest of their life, and they can protect your health.

When Responsible Doctors Should Call for Planned C-sections

As an expectant mother, you are not responsible for knowing when a cesarean section is needed to protect your health and the health of your baby, but all doctors and midwifes are. Before your delivery date, your OBGYN should tell you that you absolutely need a C-section if your baby is feet-down in your womb, you are expecting twins or triplets, or you have a vaginal infection your baby could catch during delivery (such as herpes simplex). In addition, if you previously delivered a previous child through C-section, you should be told to have an additional C-section to avoid uterine rupture. If you have heart disease or high blood pressure before you deliver, then a c-section should also be considered carefully by your OBGYN.

If your OBGYN does not call for a cesarean section delivery after recognizing that it is needed, then it can result in disastrous consequences in the delivery room and prolonged labor that could have been avoided had your doctor insisted on a C-section before you delivered. A vagina...

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...y could both die in the delivery room.

Every doctor you visit while pregnant has the duty to tell you when they find any information about you or your baby that leads to this type of delivery being the best option. Delivery room doctors and midwives also need to know when to make the call for an emergency C-section, because their only duty is to ensure your baby comes out as healthy as possible while keeping you in good health. If you suspect that any of your doctors did not make the right call, then speak with a medical malpractice attorney. If you are unsure what led to your baby or child 's health problems or yours that began after delivery, then a good birth injury attorney can gain access to important documentation prepared by your OBGYN, delivery room doctors, and midwives prepared before and after you delivered that may finally give you the answers you need.

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