Essay on The Emergence of Media and Bias in the Cyber World

Essay on The Emergence of Media and Bias in the Cyber World

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The modern world has been subjected to an influx of technological advancements which make it difficult for people to keep up with the times of the cyber world. In particular, with the birth of the Internet, information has never been easier to circulate, and even worldwide circulation is now possible at a mouse click. The 21st century also signifies the era of globalization, a movement which is redefining individuals’ preferences as well as changing the way they react to one another. When advancements in information technologies are added to globalization, a reaction takes place, one whose product is something called media. Media is the personification of public opinion having an argumentative edge (Fordham, 3). Over time, that edge may become too sharp or too blunt; thus, society becomes biased. Media bias is one of the issues which affect people the most in terms of appearances and status.
Media bias is shifting public opinion and perception of beauty in a whole new direction, particularly when eye-candy is involved. Eye-candy is, as the term implies, representative of every physical change or alteration people have done to their bodies in order to look more physically appealing to the public. Fordham (2008) makes this clear when exemplifying the city of Beirut to show just how much the Lebanese obsession with plastic surgery has climaxed and is still climaxing as a function of time. In Beirut, women can go so far as to modify every body part they have in hopes of looking like models which appear on the cover pages of magazines such as Vogue. They treat their legs with lasers, their breasts with silicon, and their stomachs with liposuction operations, and Fordham (2008) even goes so far to say “you could bounce a squash ball o...

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...te, which involves forcing people to watch the same one-hour movie every day at 6 o'clock. It’s brainwashing, and so is media in the modern world (Orwell, 88).

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