The Emergence of English Language Education in Kashmir Essay

The Emergence of English Language Education in Kashmir Essay

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The valley of Kashmir has its ancient history and civilization. As Biscoe (2005: 67) confessed “Kashmir fortunately possesses an ancient history and a civilization more ancient than our own”. The land of the valley is very fertile and was known as seat of learning in the past. In fact, scholars came from different parts of the world in order to acquire knowledge from the ancient Kashmiri teachers and scholars.
The history of the valley is divided into different periods – the first period was of Hindu rulers, the second was of Buddhism, the third was of Muslim rulers, the fourth was of Mughal rulers, the fifth was of Pathans and the sixth was of Dogra rulers. From the very first period, the valley was known for its Sanskrit learning. Sanskrit was the then court language and flourished in the valley like anything. Students and scholars of this language came from different parts of India to the valley to study under the great Sanskrit- scholars.
Kashmir has been the home of Sanskrit learning and from this small valley have issued masterpieces of history, poetry, romance, fable and philosophy. Kashmiris are proud and justly proud of the literary glories of their land. For centuries it (Kashmir) was the home of the greatest Sanskrit Scholars and at least one great Indian religion, Saivism, has found some of its most eloquent teachers on the banks of the Vitasta. Some of the greatest Sanskrit poets were born and wrote in the valley, and from it has issued in the Sanskrit language a world – famous collections of folk- lore.
(Grierson, vol-II, part 2, 21)
The Sanskrit period of Kashmir has produced a number of dramatists and poets who w...

... middle of paper ... in the valley. Further, it is the language of administration, commerce, court and even it continues as the medium of instruction in the educational institutions at all levels except the primary level. Thus, it has essentially become an integral component of education in the State.

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