Essay about The Emergence of Distance Education Career Services

Essay about The Emergence of Distance Education Career Services

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The Emergence of Distance Education Career Services

In order for chaos not to abound there needs to be some type of rules and boundaries that exist to create order. According to the website, the definition of chaos is “a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order”. So to maintain atmosphere free of chaos there has to be order or organization. Ultimately there is some kind of guiding principle or standard that dictates rules. There are boundaries that determine what actions should occur. These principles and standards govern how individuals and organizations should operate.
Although these standards exist to combat chaos there is no set standard that applies to all things. Everyone has different principles that they live and operate by. There are several examples of what could constitute a principle. One example would be how colleges and universities have codes of conduct. Another example would be state traffic laws. Lastly, would be the United States Supreme Court, which is guided by the standards set forth in the United States constitution. All of these examples have their own guiding principles that dictate how they should operate and function.
Mahatma Ghandi had a guiding principle that he operated by and he expressed this sentiment by saying, “be the change that you wish to see in the world” according to the website Ghandi knew that in order to change something, that change starts within. Ghandi knew that in order to affect change in others that one had to change oneself, and one of the ways that individuals can change starting within is by getting a higher education. Ian Mcnay, Harold Thomas, and Donald Bligh (1999) in Unde...

... middle of paper ...

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