Embryonic Stem Cell Research: To Be or Not To Be? Essay

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: To Be or Not To Be? Essay

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When a patient is faced with a terminal illness or is told that they will never walk again, it may be difficult to find hope of any kind. Stem Cells provide a faint glimmer of hope, with all the amazing things they, in theory, are able to do and cure. What kind of stem cells are we talking about though? Embryonic, Adult, or Cord Blood? All these possess the ability to replicate themselves as well as become any type of cell (Harvard Gazette). As with any incredible feat there is more often than not a “catch.” Many questions arise when we think about the sacrifices, risks and benefits. It is a matter of where we owe our obligations, to the embryo or to the thousands of people who are suffering and dying with incurable diseases. A diverse range of arguments stretch from the scientific aspects to the religious laws. The controversy will continue as this analysis essay unfolds. Should we allow Scientists sacrifice a life for the extraordinary possibilities that are promised to come with the research of Embryonic Stem Cells?

The first argument as to what should be done about Embryonic Stem Cell research is written by Rachel Benson Gold. Gold is the author of several reports and articles in the field of reproductive health services and financing, and recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the national family planning effort and its role in an evolving health care system. In Rachel Benson Gold’s article “Embryonic Stem Cell Research- Old Controversy; New Debate” she targets the political side of the debate. Gold provides background information about stem cells and how the idea of its research began. “As far back as 1954, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to scientists whose work on cultures of human fetal kidney ce...

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