Essay about Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Essay about Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Embryonic stem cell research is considered inhumane in a great majority of peoples’ eyes, because it typically implies abortion. However, the advent of iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) has redefined the potential of ethical stem cell research, and are a groundbreaking medical discovery that could save millions of lives in due time.
Many people do not believe that stem cells are legitimate and ethical. Stem cells are, in one way or the other, a completely natural internal repair system. These cells will divide infinitely to repair the host’s ailments until said host dies. They are created within the embryo several days after conception. Embryonic stem cells are derived from human embryos (hence Embryo—nic). The embryos that have been used for stem cell research were “typically 5 days old” (UTAH EDU Stem Cell Debate page 1); at this point of the embryonic stage, the fertilized egg (blastocyst) is rapidly dividing into more cells, creating stem cells in the process (stem cells are required to create the rest of the other cells). “Scientists made use of a limited number of donated in vitro (petri dish fertilized) embryos” (NIH Intro page 1), harvested the stem cells from them, and created stem cell lines (these are stem cells that divide into new stem cells in a controlled environment).
Embryonic stem cell research requires the destruction of a human embryo. This act is considered to be murder by a great piece of the United States population, which has caused a crippling blow to stem cell research (as far as money and factual knowledge goes). In 2007, a different type of stem cell was discovered through the use of adult stem cells: iPS cells (adult stem cells are stem cells derived from adult humans; they are not as effe...

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...ntists to discover stem cells in 1978, and it will take the passion of many modern governments, scientists, and citizens to push this discovery to its production and eventual use as a modern medicinal technique.
IPS cells are the ideal ethical solution to the ethical issues that hES cells have brought up. Nonetheless, more research is still needed to make iPS cells, let alone hES cells, expand and become even more viable as a widespread medical treatment for many various ailments. Education on iPS cells for the public would greatly enhance acceptance and funding into general stem cell research, where the pre-proposed possibilities of curing people with “incurable” ailments such as blindness, paralysis, and deafness could be pursued and made possible. As more ethical stem cell alternatives are discovered, more people will be saved; it is only a matter of acceptance

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