Embryionic Stem Cell Reaction Essay

Embryionic Stem Cell Reaction Essay

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As the human race progresses into more advance healthcare and discovered new strategies to cure diseases, stem cells become a debatable topic of interest for both the cell biologist and the common society. Stem cells have the ability to become any cell in the human body. A stem cell can be obtained from any adult tissues like organ, amniotic fluid. Stem cell for research purposes are obtained from a vitro fertilization clinic. As promising as it looks, it comes with an underlying risk that is associated with the use of stem cell.
There are different types of stem cell, embryonic stem cell, adult stem cell and pluripotent stem cell, induced pluripotent stem cell, perinatal stem cell, and recently discovered cancer stem cell. The difference between an adult stem and embryonic stem cell is that, adult stem cell are specialized tissue-specific cells that can be obtained from any organ. Adult stem cell of the bone marrow transplant is only capable of generating new red or white blood cells. An adult stem cell can’t form other tissue because they can’t differentiate well. Embryonic stem cells are more versatile cell because they have the potential to become any specific specialized cell in the human body.
On the other hand, adult stem cells are modified to create new cell but in a confined boundary, so the possible functions of stem cell is not useful as embryonic stem cell. Scientist are more interested in studying embryonic stem cell because they are todipotent cell which can become every cell in the body.
Cancer stem cells are cells that are found within the tumor. What is exciting about them is that cell biologist believed they possess the potential to generate tumor through self-restoration into differe...

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