Essay on Embracing the Cycle of Life

Essay on Embracing the Cycle of Life

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Have you ever felt like your life was a repetitive sequence? I have plenty of times especially as I get older my life started to become an everyday repetitive routine. Life is a process because any one that enters this world has to go through the same procedures as everyone else. They also have to leave this world as well as everyone else. There is a reason why they call it the cycle of life. The process of life consists of five stages which are birth, childhood, adolescents, adulthood, and death.
Birth is a process of its own it happens when two people a male and female comes together to have sex. The male inserts his seed in to the female body during sex. The female becomes pregnant and grows a baby inside of her for nine months. After nine months is up a miracle happens and a baby is born.
After the birth process is over the baby begins to grow older and older in to childhood. Childhood is the times when a person learns the basic things about the world such as numbers, words, colors, and shapes. They also learn about certain people, places, and things in their lives and in this world. Common people and places they learn about are the police, the president, the school they attend, their teachers, the doctor, the hospital, and their neighbors. You also play games learn lessons mainly focusing on common sense. This is mainly the fun years of your life when you can do careless things without suffering severe consequences. When I was younger during my childhood stage I met a lot of people such as my neighbors and family members that I was not familiar with. There were plenty of times this year when those same people I met when I was much younger approached me and asked me do you remember me and I said no. Then they would tell ...

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... we all knew she was happy because she was in heaven and free from all her pain agony. We try to have a positive outlook on things so situations like this wouldn’t be so sad especially when people are taking before their time. Situations like those are never easy to take in so it’s best to stay positive and keep moving forward.
With this cycle of life its best you think positively and be careful use all the knowledge that you receive and retain from this world. You can’t just be book smart you also have to be street smart. That way you won’t get taking advantage of or anything horrible could happen. Don’t get me wrong even with these steps and warnings you still will experience the horrible parts of life. That’s the only way you can get a real feel of life and nobody’s life perfect so there will be some terrible times you just have to be ready when they come.

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