Embedded Devices Popular Solution for Some Applecations Essay

Embedded Devices Popular Solution for Some Applecations Essay

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In recent years, embedded devices become more and more popular solution for certain applications. This popularity ensures security concerns. Security becomes a critical issue in both software as physical attack aimed at intellectual theft, determining the secret key and etc. In this paper we introduce several security algorithms intended for embedded devices to unsure Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authentication of the information data.

Embedded systems are low powered devices that are used in various applications. Because of the reduced availability of memory, low processing CPU and energy, these low powered devices imposes a difficult challenge for implementing modern cryptographic algorithms. The main key here is to use a suitable algorithm that will work efficiently on the embedded device. This research includes searching of different algorithms for Cryptography, Integrity and Authentication of information data that is possible to implement on embedded devices. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Section 2 describes the different cryptographic implementations in two parts: symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Section 3 discusses the different integrity methods. In section 4 will be discussed about the authentication of information data. Finally, section 5 concludes the paper.

In this section is Cryptography divided into two subsections, symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

Data Encryption Standard (DES)
DES or Data Encryption Standard is a block cipher encryption method. It is mostly used commercial encryption algorithm. This algorithm is vulnerable to brute-force attacks because of the small key size. The successor of this algorithm is 3DES or triple DESbook1. This algorithm is much better of his overall...

... middle of paper ...

...ncryption options}
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