Ella 's Belief Of Practicing Natural Medicine Essay

Ella 's Belief Of Practicing Natural Medicine Essay

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Ella has been dealing with cancer in her own way over the years. Her husband who is of
American Indian descent has helped her manage her cancer with natural remedies. As time has
passed the practice of holistic medicine has helped but Ella is back in remission. Her body is
getting weak and the family must understand the stress her body is under and must become a unit
in deciding what course of action must be taken now.
I, Jessica Dale, have been asked to intervene as her social worker and find the best alternative for Ella to be comfortable in these last days to come. Some options that I can offer the family in regards to making Ella comfortable are providing emotional support and guidance for Ella and the family, determine what will make Ella comfortable from a medical point of view and determine what route will help Ella be at peace rather having hospice in the home or have Ella in a hospital setting.
Ella’s belief of practicing natural medicine and her husbands impact on how she perceives her disease and type of care can cause emotional stress between Ella and how her family accepts the methods of treatment she chooses. Ella has the right to choose the type of care she wants to participate in along with the type of setting she would like to have her “final days”. Ella enjoys the comfort of her home and is only natural since Ella and her husband do not believe in modern medicine. This is something that hospice and all medical staff would abide by due to it could be considered apart of Ella’s religious beliefs.
Ella is in an emotional state along with her family having their own mixed emotions about her health. Ella may see things as she has lived her life and it is time to be at “rest”. Her family may feel another way and want...

... middle of paper ...

...healing. Even though it may not be sufficient in some cases but in Ella’s case it has prolonged her life span. Ella’s family must come together with Ella and form a care plan that works for her and benefits her needs.
Even if the family does not agree with her medical practices they can provide the option of having hospice come into the come to monitor her condition. This abides by and respects Ella’s wishes along with gives the comfort to her loved ones that she is seeking some form of medical care. Even if modern medicine isn’t Ella’s main approach; it has been proven over the years’ natural medicine has worked for Ella in this case. Each person’s mental and physical health determines how one perceives this type of care and its affects. Ella’s positive outlook on life and natural therapies could be the reason the natural remedies have helped Ella over the years.

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