Elizabeth's French History Lesson Essay

Elizabeth's French History Lesson Essay

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“Lizzy, perhaps a brief summary will provide the assessment required”, he sat back, considered those expressions to be used and thus continued.

“The year 03 saw the Americans acquire a vast tract of land from France; you, my dear, may have, in fact, heard of the soi-disant Louisiana Purchase. Napoleon had, at the time, needed money so that he could muster sufficient force for his invasion of Britain; thus he sold, to the Americans, this swathe of French North America.

This territory was so immense that overnight the United States had doubled in size. A survey of my maps suggests an extended expanse of land of approximately one thousand miles wide and one thousand miles long; but even these estimates might be a little understated; I also note that there is more to go, and I would caution the Spanish to beware.

Napoleon had no qualms in this transaction; for his intentions, I believe, once he had defeated Britain, was to renege on the contract. Thence he, with no fear of the British at his back would simply retake France’s former colonies and reconstitute the French dream of a North American empire.

The Duke of Marlborough, one hundred years ago, destroyed the first attempt at world domination by the French through his victorious campaigns during the War of Spanish Succession; you may recall your visit to Blenheim Palace my dear. Now today, and despite his death, Nelson and the Duke of Wellington together with that, not inconsiderable ally, the Russian winter conspire to begin the wreckage of their second attempt.

In 05 the Trafalgar naval action destroyed the combined French and Spanish fleets; thus, no invasion of our lands, and now, Napoleon proceeds that much nearer his demise with the destruction of his armi...

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...as strangely exciting that whilst imparting wisdom within his manly voice, he would gaze into her eyes and sometimes touch her hands, thereby, allowing for small shocks to resonate within her, and she, occasionally, absenting herself from reality whilst his words enveloped her.

It was not that she thus lacked attention, for despite his mesmeric voice she could not but feel, at times, that he indulged slightly within his eloquence and which some might suggest, by turn, tended to renditions best described as alarmist gossip.

Elizabeth had noted in life that any information imparted, whether it be gossip or facts tended, if only moderately, to the amplification of the sensational and thereby unnecessarily to alarm the recipient; thus giving satisfaction to the donor in allowing such lurid augmentations considered so serviceable in guaranteeing true knowledge.

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