The Elizabethan Age: Is There a History Behind the Theater? Essay

The Elizabethan Age: Is There a History Behind the Theater? Essay

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There’s always history behind a theater, right? Right! The Elizabethan Theater was part of an age where body of works reign while Elizabeth I was queen (1558-1603). During the Elizabethan era, there was a mass production of inspired drama, poetry and other forms of literature, as well as growth in humanism and significantly the birth of professional theater in England. This period embodies the work of Sir Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe, the well-known, William Shakespeare, and various other writers. Literary expression was an important part of the Elizabethan era, in which a variety of themes and outlines endured while others seemed to fade or darken. This was a time where national pride to influenced contemporary drama reflected in the work of writers. Furthermore, the Elizabethan Theater exemplifies the production of theater, while also presenting historical and structural principles that were altered, and dramatists regarding the Elizabethan era.
During the reign of Elizabeth I, the desire for theater and drama was known to audiences everywhere. Theater in England was expelled under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell. It was later restored by Charles II after witnessing the rise of new theaters and a new type of play that no longer neglected the casting of women (Theatre). More previous than that, morality plays and religious topics were rejected from the stage, however, professional companies of actors staged plays in which the actors communicated with their audiences, using facial expressions to create emotions, therefore no masks were worn in this form of production. These were rowdy audiences and the plays were staged on the inn yard, with raised platforms, and limited scenery, to rowdy audi...

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