Elizabeth Portrayed A Ruler For England Essay

Elizabeth Portrayed A Ruler For England Essay

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Elizabeth portrayed a marvelous ruler for England in times of need. She controlled religious chaos, kept England in an internal and external state of peace for a long time and served a symbol of national unity (Levin 8). Her sex had a great influence on the portrayal of her image of courage, religion, sexuality (Levin 66) and the limitations imposed by her female status continued to be present throughout her reign (Levin 145).
Since her birth, her gender provoked disappointments (Levin 5) once many believed only a boy would secure the succession and avoid civil war (Levin 5). Her mother, Anne Boleyn, accused of being incapable of providing Henry VIII with a son ended up being executed (Levin 6) and it led to the declaration of Elizabeth as a bastard (Levin 7). After that, Henry VIII had many more marriages, which always ended in a dramatic way, and this bad marriages experiences had a great influence upon Elizabeth (Levin 6). At the age of eight, she said would never marry (Levin 7), and even after when she became a queen, she still wished to stay single. Going against the constant pressure of her Council and Parliament (Levin 39).
Elizabeth had trouble associating the figure of a powerful ruler with the image of submission of a wife (Levin 43), and feared to have her power taken away by a husband (Levin 46). In a way to fight back the imposition of her to marry, she got to declare: “I have already joined my selfe in marriage to a husband, namely the kingdome of England” (Levin 41). The only form of marriage acceptable for her relayed on the fact she would control her husband (Levin 133). Besides, by staying unmarried, she did not have to worry about fertility problems and childbirth complications (Levin 65).
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...2), and the tension could be seen at the last session of Parliament, where few shouted “God save the Queen” (Levin 167). In 1571, Elizabeth’s intelligence discovery the Ridolfi Plot, a plan to release Mary, Queen of the Scots -who encountered herself imprisoned in England- and marry her to the Duke of Northumbria, making them queen and king of England (Levin 59).
To be able to face all the obstacles, she claimed the love she had for her subjects as the source of her strength, comparing herself to a loving mother (Levin 146); she demonstrated love for the people of England, and that made them love her back(Levin 9). Elizabeth also had a great intimacy with her subjects, and it can be seen on the fact that many carried with them a miniature of the Queen (Levin 134), which also served to demonstrate their allegiance to her (Levin 135); in the other hand, the risk to

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