Elizabeth Of The King Henry Viii And Anne Boleyn Essay

Elizabeth Of The King Henry Viii And Anne Boleyn Essay

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“Her name indeed, became synonymous with England and her achievement lay in bringing up a nation that was almost begotten and born under her and this in spite of her being a women.” Young Queen Elizabeth I would set out to rule a nation and become one of the greatest rulers of her time and possibly still today. After coming to the thrown of a bankrupt country and the repercussions of her half sister, Elizabeth showed her kingdom her skills and knowledge that was unwomanly for her time.
Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 to King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn to be the last of the Tudor rulers. Due to the act of Parliament in 1536, the marriage of Elizabeth’s parents King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn would be found invalid. Elizabeth’s legitimacy was challenged and her insecurities about it would haunt her for the rest of her life. King Henry VIII, after being married six different times soon had many heirs. Elizabeth was third in line behind her half brother Edward and her half sister Mary.
After Henry charged Anne Boleyn with incest and adultery, the mother of Elizabeth would be executed in May of 1536. Young Elizabeth would spend her childhood away from the court. Yet, being away Elizabeth had an excellent education studying under scholars such as Roger Ascham who greatly influenced her in the future. King Henry VIII’s sixth wife Catherine Parr grew an appreciation for Elizabeth and brought her back to court. Catherine remained in charge of Elizabeth after Henry died in 1547. Young Elizabeth took no part in political matters even after the coronation of her younger brother King Edward VI in February of 1547. Edward crowned at the age of nine ruling until his death in 1553. The next Tudor rule...

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Elizabeth saw her self a Virgin Queen, but even Elizabeth seemed to contradict herself on this title. It was known that Elizabeth enjoyed courtship and being wooed, which may have lead to the many rumors. It was especially dangerous for an unmarried women to have these rumors about her, specifically someone who’s life was in the lime light of society, not too much different from todays times. Yet, rumors continued of the queen, Elizabeth’s government took these rumors very harshly. To prevent this bad press for Elizabeth, Parliament in 1559 made it treason for anyone to say any rumors or for anyone to agree to the rumors.
The belief that women were gossips and more interested in the love lives of others was a big problem in the fifteenth century. Gender expectations in the court leaned towards only the women were spreading the rumors in the court.

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