Elizabeth Gilbert's Journey Described in Her Novel Eat, Pray, Love Essay

Elizabeth Gilbert's Journey Described in Her Novel Eat, Pray, Love Essay

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Elizabeth Gilbert is an educated, ambitious journalist who had everything an average American woman would want - a husband, a lovely home in New York and a successful career. Aside from all the pleasures she already had, Elizabeth felt consumed by panic, grief and a great deal of confusion. After going through a divorce, a debilitating depression and a another failed love, Elizabeth decided to quit her job, leave everything behind and embark on a journey to find the art of pleasure, devotion and a balance between both worldly pleasure and spiritual devotion. Throughout her trips to Italy, India and Indonesia, she encounters various individuals that makes her trip that much more worthwhile. At her first stop, Italy, she enrolls herself in an Italian language class and submerges into the beauty of this romantic language. She learns the splendor behind the Italian culture and gains the best 23 pounds of her life. At her next stop in India, she spends hours of quite meditation at her Guru’s Ashram. At first, Gilbert finds it difficult to stay focused and meditate whole heartedly, being ...

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