Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Fight for Equality Essay

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Fight for Equality Essay

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton was not just a mother, daughter, feminist, and writer; but she is the woman who changed the lives of women everywhere by fighting for equality. Stanton lived a normal childhood, but one that motivated her to never give up hope in reaching her goal. A quick background of her life will help better understand why she became such a powerful woman’s rights activist. Also, what she accomplished that changed history and how it still affects us today in 2011. I will also express my individual satisfaction with what this incredible woman has done for women everywhere. On November 12, 1815 Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born to the Cady family in Johnstown, New York (Gordon, 2009). She was born into a high-class, conservative, aristocratic family that enforced great importance in religion and aristocratic values. These ways of being raised affected Stanton as a child causing weird dreams and fears of death. She also dealt with a gender issue within her family that may have initiated her activist ideas as an adult. Her parents preferred male children over females, and spent most of their married life trying to produce a male child. They succeeded having one boy and four girls. However in 1826 the largest tragedy in Elizabeth’s life occurred. Her only brother had passed away and her parents were trying to produce an heir. When another boy was born he died as well and her mother gave up altogether. She was alienated by her mother and all childhood memories of her mother were negative. After this crisis Stanton made it her goal to equal all her brother’s achievements and play the male role in her family. Author Lois Banner states that in her childhood Cady Stanton was already a natural-born leader in any group (Banner, 1980)....

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...h great things to free women. The Seneca Falls Convention for women’s suffrage, the women’s property stature, and the separation of religion from politics may not have been accomplished without Stanton and her hard work. She is one of the most influential women that has ever marked US history. She was such a positive affect on the lives of all women in her time and in ours.

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