Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Fighting for Women's Rights

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elizabeth Cady Stanton didn’t want to be remembered as a household but the women they will admire. The purpose of this paper is to explain the life of Elizabeth Stanton and how she had a huge effect on the outcome of seeking equal rights for woman. Early Childhood First of all, the most famous influential feminist lead was known when she was a child. Elizabeth was born in November 12, 1815 in Johnstown, NY (Elizabeth Cady Stanton Biography). Her father was a judge and her mother was a house wife; during that time females where thought of 2nd class citizens and had few rights (Salisbury). Elizabeth’s wealthy parents hired Scottish nurses and there slave Peter Teabout to take care of the girls; the Cady sisters liked Teabout because they have fun and played with toys when they weren’t supposing too (Salisbury). She was the 7th child of 11 children but only 6 survived due to illnesses like scarlet fever, mumps and diphtheria (Salisbury). When she went to the hospital to see her new baby sister, Elizabeth understood an unknown person say “what a pity it is she’s a girl!” (Salisbury). Elizabeth and her sisters adored Christmas, Fourth of July also outdoors they even quoted “we Estrada 3 had the snow with which to build statues and making forts…” (Salisbury). When she was twelve, the Emancipation Proclamation was passed and slaves where free, although Teabout was happy he stayed with Elizabeth because he was her happiest childhood (Salisbury). She went to Johnstown Academy and took advanced classes of mathematics and language; also graduated as the only girl from Johnstown Academy. In 1830, she found the person to admire, her name was Emma Hart Willards for helping other women get educated as men .Stant... ... middle of paper ... ...nd will personally give her credit, for the reason that even though people didn’t listened to woman early in the 1800’s she never gave up; and that takes dedication to fight for what you believe in. She will forever be remembered in U.S History by the woman who was looking for equality and lead it to success including with her best friend Susan B. Anthony. Works Cited Elizabeth Cady Stanton Biography. n.d. 10 April 2014. Elizabeth Cady Stanton- History Net. n.d. Document. 11 April 2014. Elizabeth Cady Stanton- New World Encyclopedia. n.d. 12 April 2014. Gordon, Ann D. American National Biography Online: Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. n.d. 8 April 2014. Salisbury, Cynthia. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. New Jersey: Enslow Publisers, Inc., 2002.

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