Elimination of Discrimination Against Women Essay

Elimination of Discrimination Against Women Essay

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The diversity in the workplace is one of the most significant discussions in the global business and economy. The diversity in the workplace can include the different races, backgrounds, beliefs, personality, gender.....etc. The discrimination against the women in the workplace is a serious issue which has influenced the economy and the human resources in any country or company. Australia has a good economy and large workplace. The Australian experience in developing vital strategy and policy to protect the women from discrimination in the workplace is very significant and unique because the Australian workplace is unique and multicultural. Thus, this report will investigate the Australian experience in eliminating the discrimination against women in the workplace. Moreover, this report will discuss the status quo of the Australian strategy and policy to protect the women rights in the workplace in Australia. This report will provide recommendations for improving the women rights in the workplace and eliminating the discrimination against women in the workplace in Australia.

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
The developments of the different types of the technology has augmented the number of the global firms and multicultural companies in the whole world. The global workplace has become “more diverse” and has employees with many cultures, beliefs and backgrounds than any time before. The globalization has revolutionized the global workplace and created new challenges to understand the similarities and differences in the workplace. The classical policies and strategies for the traditional workplace must be reviewed and adapted to be able to work in new multicultural workplace (Stockdale & Crosby, 2004, p. 277).
It sh...

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