Eliminating Tuition Cost At All Four Year College Essay

Eliminating Tuition Cost At All Four Year College Essay

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Eliminating 4-Year College Tuition
Research Suggest that eliminating tuition cost at all four year colleges and universities is a good thing because, tuition cost can be very hard for some individuals, bills have been brought up to eliminate 4 year tuition cost, and having more people be able to go to college will give our country a better educational foundation.
College tuition can be hard for most people, paying up to 10,000 for a whole year to live on campus, that is a lot of money for a young adult. So if this plan for 4-year college tuition passed, it would affect so many college students positively.
Aisch, Gregor, Amanda Cox, and Kevin Quealy. "You Draw It: How Family Income Predicts Children’s College Chances." The New York Times. The New York Times, 27 May 2015. Web. 13 Nov. 2015. According to the article from NYTimes created by Gregor Aisch, Amanda Cox, and Kevin Quealy. One-Fourth of the poorest family’s children in United States attend college. That’s one out of four kids that could afford a basic education. While for the middle and higher-class American’s children 94% of them attend college. My opinion that is an unfair advantage for the higher class people. If the 4-year free tuition for public colleges took place it would take away that unfair advantage and give every student the equal opportunity to be able to go to college. Over years the rise of inequality has become a problem and now shows a huge gap in income and why income can affect your chances of going to college. So make it free!
Narula, Svati. "The Myth of Working Your Way Through College." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 1 Apr. 2014. Web. 14 Nov. 2015. If the free 4-year college bill doesn’t take place some kids are forced into working during colle...

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...ee-4 year college tuition, it may seem perfect but there is a couple flaws. The bill would need 70 billion dollars paid by the government every year, that twice as much as the amount of Pell grants given. The main question in this article is that would the free public 4-year education create a higher level of secondary education or better and higher quality. In my college understanding because I am a college student, would having a free education give us a perception of not trying as hard in school because its free? I personal would try just as hard but others I would not know. According to the article created by Kevin James, “Only 13 percent of respondents felt that college graduates are "well-prepared for success in the workforce." It does put a lot of thinking on what to choose but we need to start somewhere, and if it fails we move on and learn from our mistakes.

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