Elijah The Prophet and Books of the New Testament Essay

Elijah The Prophet and Books of the New Testament Essay

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For The Old Testament Book:
Kings I
Elijah the prophet lived during a time of misconception of what God is, and what is He really like. Elijah lived during the time of king Ahab, who happens to be the one that abandoned the true God, obeying his wife. The kings wife, Jezebel, ordered all God’s prophets to be murdered. And she replaced the worship of God to Baal; their made up god. One day, Elijah told the King of Israel, Ahab that there will be no rain nor dew until God says so (1 Kings 17:1). Then Elijah was told by God to escape to somewhere else. After 3 years and six months, Elijah had the king and the fake prophets of Baal and Asherah all gather together in one place to direct them towards their true God, the Lord all mighty (1 Kings 18:36-37). After the miracle of God consumed the sacrifice, all the people fell on their face and repented towards God. The drought ended that night.
Despite that there is no genealogy for the Prophet Elijah; God does seem to care quite a bit for him. He gave Elijah shelter and food when he needed it and gave in his hands the fate of many people.

Based on the fact that Elijah’s name means “My God is Yahweh”, I believe that Elijah worshiped Yahweh (God). Elijah followed whatever God commanded him to do; He went where God told him to and performed everything he was asked to do. In the book of (1 Kings) and according the story of Elijah specifically, God seems to have the characteristics of a punisher and a sin forgiver at the same time. God punished the kingdom of Ahab by announcing to them through Elijah that they will not have any water for the next three years. But at the end with a simple sacrifice, and repentance God accepted them and gave them the water they have been waiting ...

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...he again differentiates between God and Jesus when he says:

“In the sight of God who gives life to everything, and of Christ Jesus . . ." (ch. 6, v. 13).
Paul then went on to speak of

“the second appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ which God will bring about in his own time" (vv. 14-15).

Again, the title God is deliberately turned away from Jesus.
My curiosity took over me and I am a bit confused on Paul’s thoughts. Is he a believer of Jesus as a God or is he not?

I read all of Kings I, Mark, Romans and all of the accompanying Handbook material, including the articles and I have found out that Jesus is truly a wonderful man; an individual with so many miracles, starting with Jesus’ miraculous birth, to end with his death and whatever in between. I have never learned so much from the life journey of a person like I did from Jesus’.

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