Elements that make up Winning Teams Essay

Elements that make up Winning Teams Essay

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Every person within any team wants to feel they are part of a winning team, and that they are contributing to its success and the success of the company. For teams to able to do this, personnel must be able to work together, be committed to the team's goal, to encourage formal and informal interactions and instill that winning attitude.
For teams to be able to achieve this, certain attributes must be instilled within any team.

As defined in the Oxford Dictionary loyalty is, ?steadfast in ones allegiance to a person.? This can come in many forms, whether it?s loyalty to your partner, your favourite sporting team or as in this case the Company. Managers must be able to trust their employees. Giving responsibilities and passing on relevant information pertinent to any goal can instil trust and confidence and commitment from your employees. Without the fundamental tools, they will possibly feel that they are not contributing to the success of the team or company. If this happens then they may feel the Manager is not dependable and therefore loyalty will be eroded. The manager should never feel challenged about his authority, but should openly answer relevant questions regarding the Teams goal. Discussion should be encouraged, as by working through or discussing the situation in hand as it leads to the development of the person and an increase in their loyalty, as opposed to a person who keeps quiet and does not question anything. Being honest and upfront to your workforce will help build up any trust. Being forthright with any news pertinent to the workforce can only bolster your loyalty from them. They would rather have the bad news from you, than hear it from an unknown senior manager who just sees them as a number...

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...ed, the two Complete Finisher are on hand to ensure deadlines are met.

The weakness of this team is:

· Lack of a team worker.
· Insufficient specialists (Minimum of two required)
· Insufficient Implementers
· If the Resource Investigator or Plant are away who will bring in ideas and make contacts from outside the team.

The strength of this team is:

· Strong personalities
· Discipline
· Respect
· Commitment
· Loyalty to fellow team members

In conclusion every person within the team has an additional role as indicated within the table. With these additional roles and the combination of experience developed with long careers, combined with a wealth of knowledge and completion of successful management courses, this team has a successful and winning formula, which can only lead to a better performance thus giving better customer satisfaction.

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