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Elements of Theater Essay

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Elements of Theatre
The elements of theater consist of three fundamental requirements; Stage, Actors and a script. We feel that K-mart needs to adjust their theater in order to give their customers an overall better experience. K-marts current theater is unexciting and quite honestly mind-numbing. In a simple market place the oldest form of retail is the business of selling products to consumers. With the internet allowing customers to purchase online, retail stores like K-mart must create some “theater” in order to create experiences where customers are amused, or find value beyond purchasing products at lowest price.
K-marts current store layout is comparable to most other retail outlets like Wal-Mart and Target. We feel that K-mart needs a separate identity from these other stores in order to bring attention to the store. Over the years K-mart has failed to update or upgrade their stores. The first thing K-mart needs to do is brighten the lights, add more isle space, and update the fixtures to look modern and clean. We feel their lack of focus on their stage allowed compe...

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