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The Elements Of Popular Culture Essay

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The elements of popular culture discussed above, were mainly produced for mass exposure, profit and entertainment. Products depicting archaeology relies on fantasy, imagination, myths and legends that were visualised and weaved into reality. The depiction of archaeology and archaeologists in popular culture, betray archaeology and send wrong messages that distorts the noble purpose of archaeology. Popular culture depicts archaeology as an adventure and a profession that will endure wealth and fame for its achievers. In films depicting archaeology, the general public is misinformed of who archaeologists are, and how they make their living and organize their work, as they were shown as freelance individuals who did not affiliate with any university or institution, except the character of Indiana Jones who was an archaeologist and an academic. Hall, (2004, p.171) mentioned that in an analysis of archaeologists in popular culture, was done by Russell in 2002, that resulted in 98 percent of people in Britain had no regular contact with a real archaeologist, and that can be seen a factor contributing to the confusion between fiction and reality. Therefore the solutions offered were to use the cinema’s characterizations and plots (the stereotypes), to reject fictional images or to ignore popular culture.3 The most misrepresented area in popular culture is the archaeological sites, which were depicted as exciting, dangerous, and full of adventures, omens, curses and booby traps, which threatened archaeologist on their quest.

The depiction of archaeology in popular culture is becoming a significant issue, since it could cause political concerns, especially after the rise of public awareness in human and indigenous rights.

Television sho...

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... and artefacts must be marked, tagged and recorded, therefore it is quite distant from the way it is depicted in popular culture, where it is associated with lots of action, exotic adventure, sexuality and the hunt for riches and treasures.

I conclude this paper by acknowledging archaeology, as a study of the past that uses accurate and planned methods. Archaeology is a distraction process, however nothing is to be dismantled or removed out of context before it is marked and recorded in order to make the information available for future archaeologists and generations. I support the archaeological societies for monitoring the pop culture programs that misrepresent archaeology and causing it damages. I also support the archaeological societies which are aiming to educate the public about the principles and conducts of the proper archaeology and real archaeologists.

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