The Elements Of Logic, Emotion, And Credibility

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I came into this class with a fair amount of confidence. Throughout my life, I had always excelled when it came to English. In high school I was always in English Honors classes and I also had taken AP Language and Composition. With the skills I acquired from those courses, I felt confident enough that I could tackle any college english course with ease. However, after entering this course, I came to the realization that I still had a lot to learn in order to become a great, effective writer. The first concepts taught to me in this English class were foreign. This concept of ethos, pathos and logos had never been taught to me in any of my previous classes. The elements of logic, emotion, and credibility were very interesting as I had never thought about any of that before when I had to write. Reading other people’s work and having to identify where these elements were strong, as a result, was especially foreign and difficult for me. Before, whenever I read any piece of writing, I judged it based on the feeling it gave me after I finished reading it. Even though I may have subconsciously made the checkpoints of “Does this guy make logical points in his writing?”, “Can I relate to this person based on the things he/she is writing about?”, and etc, it never crossed my mind to actually consider these elements to decide if the article was well written or not. In class, we read many different articles by different authors where there were a variety of tones and writing styles. Having to identify the ethos, pathos, and logos of each of these articles strengthened my ability to recognize whenever each of these elements were at play. It was not an easy road for me, however. I often had to search and search and re-read these articles unt... ... middle of paper ... ...l, this process helped strengthen my ability to write to different audiences, and convert my own writing to another genre, which was something I never had to do before. I came into this class feeling confident about my writing ability. I am leaving this class now realizing that I have a lot more to learn about becoming a great writer. This class has taught me how to think critically about topics and organize my thoughts, and how to write to specific audiences and in different genres. Through peer reviews from my classmates and advice from my professor, I have learned about the imperfections within my writing and realized that I have a lot more room to improve. It is through this process of peer reviews that I feel I have grown the most as a writer. I look forward to taking these abilities and continuing my journey to becoming a great writer in my next English course.
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