Essay on The Elements Of Journalism By Bill Kovach And Tom Rosenstiel

Essay on The Elements Of Journalism By Bill Kovach And Tom Rosenstiel

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An argument can be made that Journalism is one of the very few professions in the world of media that is handled with some sort of dignity and pride. After reading “The Elements of Journalism” by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, I realized how important journalism is to each and every one of us. Whether you’re a writer or a reader, the back and forth exchange between provider and consumer is extremely important in pushing society forward. Journalism after all is designed to challenge society, promote new ideas and spark conversation between one another. Despite the positives of journalism, there are issues that exist within the profession that cannot be excused and cannot be ignored.

This U.S Presidential Race has had been flooded with issues that have caused concern. As more time elapses until we vote for our next President, citizens and journalists alike have noticed one of the central issues that has had dramatic consequences. The current U.S Presidential Race arguably feels severely close to a popularity contest. Those that are the most popular and evoke the most controversy have been privileged to have the most attention from almost every important medium available. For example MSNBC, which is considered a liberal network, is primarily focused on discussing Hillary Clinton opposed to Bernie Sanders. This has to do with the fact that American citizens recognize Clinton’s name due to her decades of involvement with popular American politics. Whether you as a person care or do not care for Clinton, you are more than likely to pay attention to news relating to her because you are familiar with her name. You are, in some sense forced to have an opinion about her. On the other end, networks such as CNN and Fox are considered m...

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...or skewing information for the opposition. “This is no less true of a solitary blogger on the Web than it is of a professional columnist. The voice that demonstrates intellectual independence, that is thinking for itself, is simply more interesting, and adds more value to civic discourse.”[7] Lastly, we should expect our journalists to provide information that encourages conversation and creates a public forum.

Journalism is an extremely important element of our society and is going through very important and very necessary changes. Everyone has the power to be a journalist, which means they should uphold certain rules and values. Despite it’s issues, journalism will continue to grow and iron out the kinks. As the world continues to change, the core of journalism will not. Journalists will still be here to provide information, inform society and challenge society.

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