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Elements Of A Risk Management Program Essays

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Elements of a Risk Management Program
Today’s healthcare landscape faces ongoing challenges to meet a myriad of responsibilities including, patient safety, positive clinical outcomes and financial stability. Risk management programs allow healthcare entities to prioritize strategies in order to mitigate the ever changing environment (Cole, Chaudhary & Bang, 2014). Kavaler & Alexander (2014) define a risk management program as “ an organized effort to identify, assess and reduce, where appropriate, risks to patients, visitors, staff and organizational assets” (p.5). The American Society of Healthcare Risk Management [ASHRM (2006)] asserts that employee education is one the most important elements in a successful risk management program. The purpose of this paper is to explore the key topics recommended for employee education, assess the minimum standards outlined by ASHRM as well as identify the administrative activities associated with a risk management program.
Employee Education
Employee education should be provided at the time of hire as well as annually. Training presented during the onboarding of new associates should include a comprehensive overview of the risk management program. Kavaler & Alexander (2014) recommend new hire education include a basic understanding of the goals behind the risk management program. The University of Scranton (n.d) explains the need for every organization to have a unique risk management program that is tailored to the specific needs of the organization. Providing information to employees regarding patient safety, regulatory and accreditation requirements, legislation impacting healthcare, existing and future policies and risks for potential errors better prepare staff for personal a...

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Risk management programs identify and analyze exposure to adverse outcomes as well as financial loss. As a result of identifying risks, organizations may develop strategies to improve patient care, increase employee satisfaction and mitigate risks to the organization. Years of research have resulted in recommendations by organizations such as the ASHRM emphasizing the need for comprehensive structure that includes leadership of a specifically trained and designated risk management leader. Detailed processes, identification or risks and thorough analysis of employee reported data are critical to the success. Education and familiarization of an organizations risk management program should begin at the time of hire and continue at a minimum of a yearly refresher to maximize the organizations strategies for positive outcomes and ongoing financial stability.

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