Essay on Elementary Second Language Acquisition : Should It Be Mandatory?

Essay on Elementary Second Language Acquisition : Should It Be Mandatory?

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Elementary Second Language Acquisition: Should it be mandatory?

According to a study conducted on language, 52% Europeans are fluent in two languages, while only 9% of Americans are bilingual. This is most likely due to America being the only industrialized country to graduate high school students without sufficient knowledge of a foreign language. Starting mandatory second language learning in elementary school would improve create a more rounded person, support cultural growth and even improve in their native tongue. Perhaps most compelling of the benefits to young scholars are that, more companies than ever are in need of bilingual and multilingual employees. The head of this economic language charge consists of influential government, communication, travel, education and marketing positions (Why it is Important).
During infancy and early childhood, there is more plasticity in the brain. This makes it considerably more efficient to learn a new language. Fluid intelligence, especially creativity and learning, decreases as a person ages. Crystalized intelligence, the accumulated knowledge gained through experience, increases as you age, is not as open to new information. By a linguistic standpoint, children are both lexically and syntactically adept in at least one language at the young age of six. They can learn new words in more than one language at once at an incredible rate (Why it is Important). They have to, by the age of six, the average child understands anywhere from 20,000 to 24,000 words (GTSquared). By ages seven to eleven, children are becoming master conversationalists. Already, neuron priming is occurring, leaving their brains less recipient to learning new languages. According to Erika Levy, Ph.D, children o...

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...e final decision in the matter. In addition, bilingual parents should be encouraged to come to class on special days. Having more people in the room would provide each child with more speaking time in the foreign language as well as more positive reinforcement and a casual environment, which is effective for language learning.
Constant language exposure in childhood is as important to a child’s mind as food is to the body. Limited early exposure to words is proven to cause the almost complete lack or delay of language development (Berger). This is evidenced by Genie, dubbed a “wild child,” found in Los Angelos in 1970. Genie Wiley was thirteen year old girl kept in total isolation and never learned to talk. She was roughly the size of a six year old and still at the infant “babbling stage” which typically only appears in infants from six to nine months after birth.

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