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The Elementary School Start Times Essays

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1. I used the phrase “elementary school start times” in the University of North Florida’s OneSearch database to find this particular research study. I chose this study to analyze for multiple reasons. First, the study was able to collect information from nearly every elementary school in the state of Kentucky. A higher sample size can provide a greater amount of validity. Second, this research study directly focused on my topic of interest. I am intrigued by the differentiation in American education, especially different yearly school calendars, different daily school schedules, and, as studied here, different school start times. Lastly, Keller et al. (2015) have focused this study on elementary students, whereas other studies have focused their data on high school students.
2. The author provided a great deal of background information and references on the importance of adequate sleep for children, the consequences of inadequate sleep, and school start times and their impact on wake times. Obviously, earlier school start times would require earlier wake times. Surprisingly though, the study by Owens, Belon, and Moss (2010) showed a 45-minute increase in sleep duration despite just a 30-minute delay in school start time. Keller et al. (2015) mention a growing number of studies that link “early school start times and lower sleep amount and daytime sleepiness” (p. 236). Also, Keller et al. (2015) describe multiple studies that show an increase in attention when sleep deficits or sleep disorders are treated. However, Keller et al. (2015) stated that there are very few studies that investigate the impact of school start times on academic success.
3. The purpose of this study was to address the gaps between sleep research, school start...

... middle of paper ...

...r bedtime routines and an appropriate bedtime in order for an adequate number of hours of sleep.
9. No ethical issues were addressed in this study, as all of the data was acquired via public information or records.
10. Many districts stagger their elementary, middle, and high school start times in order to accommodate the busing schedule. If all schools start later in the day (at the same or similar times), then transportation costs would rise. What are the chances districts would add busing to accommodate later starts with budgets an already key topic? Would later school start times raise test scores enough to justify the cost of increased transportation? This study was published this year, but have any Kentucky school districts discussed or taken the steps to changing school start times? How often are the issues of school start times and school schedules discussed?

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